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New Orleans Abortion Clinic: Common Questions for Women Considering an Abortion in New Orleans

Before you decide to use the services of a New Orleans abortion clinic such as Causeway Medical Clinic, you may have questions about the procedure itself, the clinic or the financial costs of abortion. The following questions and answers may help you to feel more comfortable seeking health care for an abortion in New Orleans:

Is abortion legal in Louisiana?
Yes. In fact, abortion is legal throughout the United States and Canada; however, every state has particular legal restrictions on the age of abortion patients and whether or not minors have to have parental consent.

Can my parents force me to go through with an abortion?
No. In Louisiana, however, a minor under the age of 18 must have written parental consent in order to have an abortion.

Do I need to obtain permission from my husband or partner in order to have an abortion? Will my provider need to contact him?
No. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to require spousal consent in order to seek an abortion. Of course, the patient may decide to tell her husband or partner, but the clinic will not contact him.

Can undocumented citizens have an abortion in the United States?
Yes. New Orleans abortion clinics are open to undocumented citizens. Patients must provide proof of identity, but the status of citizenship is irrelevant and Immigration Services are not notified.

Is there a point at which an abortion is no longer an option?
Yes, Louisiana state law and the woman’s individual health circumstances may limit the accessibility of abortion care.

Does an abortion hurt?
There will be discomfort associated with abortion services, just as with most medical procedures; however, most women describe it as similar to menstrual cramping.

Can my regular OB-GYN provide me with an abortion pill?
A doctor needs some basic qualifications in order to offer patients the abortion pill, but most doctors who provide women’s reproductive health care can meet such qualifications. However, some women’s physicians choose not to offer their patients the option of the abortion pill. Call a New Orleans abortion clinic such as Causeway Medical Clinic if your provider and find out more about your options for pregnancy termination if your health care provider does not offer such services.

Does insurance cover the costs of abortions?
Almost two-thirds of insurance policies cover elective abortions to some degree; however, patients should contact their insurance company to learn more about which services are covered.

Does the military insurance cover the costs of abortions?
Military plans only cover abortions in cases of life endangerment.

Does Medicaid and other state insurance companies cover the costs of abortions?
At this time, Medicaid is only mandated to cover abortion costs in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother’s life.

Causeway Medical Clinic has a mission to serve the needs of women of all ages and backgrounds as they deal with a problem pregnancy. We offer outpatient abortion services and are a trusted New Orleans abortion clinic. Call us today at 504-837-1272 for additional information.

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